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Mindset Shift Academy

To get a new answer, you have to ask a new question

Mi-SHiFT: A life-skills catalyst

A valuable supplement to the current focus on hard and soft skills

1. Who is the methodology for?

Mindset Shift Academy


Empower students to broaden their perspectives and awaken their deeper, untapped potential.

Mindset Shift Academy


Attract, retain and engage young talents.

2. Where does it take place?

The modules are completely hybrid and can be delivered face-to-face, virtually, or a mix, in English or in French.

3. What is unique?

The Mi-SHiFT Methodology, based on an Intuitive, Social and Experiential learning, helps participants develop

their essential Life Skills.

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Mindset Shift Academy

As a result of this, participants become more connected to their larger role, get more confident about their potential, and gain courage to take action in their spheres of influence.

The proprietary Mi-SHiFT 4A Methodology, with its ISE Learning, is a powerful paradigm to trigger a Mindset Shift from conditioning to consciousness in a changing world.

Interested in applying it to your audience and context? Get in touch.

Thank you! We'll be in touch soon.

What people say about the program


For all of my students, this mindset shift session really was the best conclusion they could expect ! Everyone had changed their mind and wanted to achieve something important in life.


What struck me the most was that business is not only about financial motives, but there has to be equilibrium between enterprise, society and self. It was a great insight for me.


I didn't expect such deep insights, but I learnt a lot. As a business student, we don't have courses like this and it was a very good experience.

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