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Mi-SHiFT: Live your own story

When old patterns break, new worlds can emerge

Mi-SHiFT, in partnership with Companions For Leadership, launches the Life Skills Academy. We are a Life Skills Catalyst for youth. We help them tap into their deeper potential and live their own story, by making more conscious and meaningful choices, as professionals, human beings and citizens.

Mi-SHiFT: Live your own story

We impart “essential life skills” through our powerful 4A methodology.

We help youth balance thinking, feeling and intuition in these times when decision-making has turned complex.

“Problems cannot be solved by the same level of  thinking that created them.”

Albert Einstein

Living our own story requires 'new life skills'

In recent times, our system has privileged hard and soft skills for their direct link to professional success and social status. But today, youth are looking for more purpose and a larger societal engagement. In this new paradigm, we need to urgently equip them with additional Life Skills, to complement the hard and soft skills and catalyse them into being conscious professionals, humans and citizens.

Mi-SHiFT: Live your own story

Mi-SHiFT inspires participants to pause, embrace difference, find their authenticity, and take concrete action.

Be part of the

Life Skills Academy

About Mi-SHiFT and Companions For Leadership

Our modular Mi-SHiFT methodology awakens youth’s inner potential. This enables them to make conscious choices and live their own story. We then leverage the Leadership Wisdom Model of Companions For Leadership which equips youth with concrete tools to be agents of change in their companies and societies.

Mi-SHiFT: Live your own story

Mi-SHiFT is a collective of

like-minded and engaged citizens from all walks of life (professional, academic, societal, youth) who want to do their bit for society by enabling youth to “live their own story”.

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Companions For Leadership is

a leading global leadership consultancy present in 28 countries whose purpose is

“Transforming Leaders for Good”.

Interested in a Life Skills catalysis for your audience and context? Get in touch.

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