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Mi-SHiFT: C.O.A.R. Life Skills

When you step out of your comfort zone, magic happens

The Mi-SHiFT methodology is fully experience based and can trigger a Mindset Shift. It does this by complementing current education with Life Skills.

Mi-SHiFT Methodology

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Experience it face-to-face, virtually or both; in English or in French


Based on I.S.E. Learning (Intuitive, Social, Experiential)


Delivered by catalysts who have made conscious choices themselves


Customizable to the unique needs of your audience; can be integrated into an existing curriculum or training program

“Life is either an accident and you are the victim.

Or you can make different choices that will enable you to

live the life you desire most.”

Portia Nelson, writer & performer

Made in France, inspired in India, relevant for all

The Mi-SHiFT methodology combines modern thought leadership with oriental wisdom.
Where conventional personal development takes an inside-out approach, 4A methodology takes an
outside-in approach to shake people out of their comfort zone, catalyse them, and link growth to the market realities. It is rooted in the UNICEF comprehensive life skills framework, aligned to the "personal empowerment" and "active citizenship" facets.

UNICEF life skills framework

Over 25,000 students and 500 leaders

have already lived this approach

in the last three years !

What drives us?

'Human potential' over 'human resource'

'Consciousness' over 'Conditioning'

Mindset Shifts, over ‘feel good’ programs

Interested in enabling your audience with 4A Life Skills? Get in touch.

Thank you! We'll be in touch soon.

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