Mi-SHiFT: Awakening potential for life

Adapting to new realities requires shifting from ‘resource’ to ‘potential’

Why do we need this shift now?

The way we live is rapidly changing

Youth are creative and curious

But we hold them to old benchmarks: ‘productivity’ & ‘social status’

They get disconnected from their deeper potential

We need new ways to channel and empower youth. That’s where Mi-SHiFT Academy comes in.

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We are a global learning organization. We inspire youth to shift from seeing themselves as 'resources in a productivity-centric world to 'potential' in a possibility-rich world.

We teach new life skills inspired by the ‘new humanities’ – a return to consciousness, confidence, and courage.

Our programs enable new perspectives with ‘ISE’ learning – Intuitive, Social, Experiential.

Mi-SHiFT is short for ‘Mindset Shift’, which is what we trigger for participants.


Our logo conveys that proposition. The blue and orange symbolize a balance between new-age thinking and ancient wisdom.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them 

Albert Einstein, physicist 

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