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Our programs inspire participants to broaden their perspectives and shift from a 'resource' mind-set to a 'potential' mind-set.

Mi-SHiFT Academy

Mi-ShiFT Academy

A life-skills accelerator to awaken youth potential

A great supplement to the current focus on STEM and social advancement

Across major countries, the focus is strong on STEM skills for economic success and social skills for personal advancement. But this picture of education is partial. We also need the 'new humanities' to imbibe values such as consciousness, courage, and confidence. That is how we shift from resource to potential. That is what this program - a hybrid learning module of face to face and virtual - does.


Who is it for?

The program is targeted at youth across societies and segments. Based on the needs of youth in each segment, the program adapts. Educational institutes Audience: Youth in universities Goal: To ENGAGE the audience and trigger a mind-set shift Conducted by: Mi-SHiFT Corporates Audience: Youth in companies. Goal: EMPOWER the audience to integrate the learning in their leadership journey Conducted by: Mi-SHiFT in partnership with Oxford Leadership NGOs Audience: Youth with a second chance Goal: ENABLE the audience to embrace a mind-set shift that propels them to better opportunities Conducted by: Mi-SHiFT

How does it achieve the goal? What are the learning outcomes?

Our proprietary COAR framework teaches the new humanities. Participants learn to become more:

  • Connected by learning new perspectives and improving critical thinking
  • Open by embracing differences and increasing tolerance
  • Authentic by finding true priorities and tapping into intuition and creativity
  • Responsible by turning from observers to actors in their sphere of influence

By the end of the workshop, participants become more conscious of their larger role, get more confident about their potential, and gain courage to take action in their spheres of influence.

What people say about our program

Caroline Mallard

SIMBB: emlyon business school

I would recommend this program to other students. It was an enriching experience where you learn from others by observing, listening, questioning, opening your mind, and discovering.

Hortense Malier

AMI, emlyon business school

I learnt that I should try to do the maximum with what I have and with how I do it. Be more helpful with other people and grateful for the life I have in France.

Olivier Zanetta

SIMBB: emlyon business school

 If I could share this knowledge with my circle of friends and change their mentality, then I think this trip will be as beneficial for others.

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