Mi-SHiFT: choose consciousness over conditioning

To transform in complexity, choose consciousness over conditioning

Complexity and uncertainty are the 'new normal'. In this world, we need more than STEM and social skills.

We need new life skills inspired by new humanities: questioning the old and connecting with the new, being open to differences, taking more responsibility, living life with creativity.

This is what our COAR method inspires.

Social skills

STEM skills

COAR life skills


The new humanities for a new paradigm

Our learning culture is:




What values drive us?

Purposeful growth over mindless productivity

Intuition over formulas

“Human potential” over “human resource”

Curiosity over judgment

Mindset Shifts, over ‘feel good’ programs

So far the Mi-SHiFT Methodology has inspired over 5000 students across society and segments to expand their perspectives and act on new priorities in a changing, complex world!


Interested in a mindset shift? Connect with us.

Life is either an accident and you are the victim. Or you can make different choices that will enable you to live the life you desire most.

Portia Nelson, writer & performer

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Mi-SHiFT: COAR life skills